At Baby Spa Australia we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We endeavour to give your babies the best care possible. We, however, have a zero tolerance policy for aggressive behaviour in any of our locations by customers. We ask you to respect the processes and decisions made by our staff.
What are the benefits of Baby Spa?

The soothing pressure of our purified water creates an environment that relaxes and promotes gentle exercise.
With this we find many benefits:

  • Relief from colic, wind and reflux
  • Strengthened muscles and improved cognitive abilities
  • Positive water association
  • Improved social development
  • Aiding with Hip dysplasia

As hydrotherapy is a form of exercise, we find most babies sleep two to five hours after a session. This helps set them up for a good sleep routine.

When is the best time to come to a session?
We require you to arrive 15 minutes prior to every session. This allows time to fill out the registration form, and also to give baby a top up feed. The ideal time to come to a session is when your baby has just woken from a nap and has had a full feed. We have nursing rooms available should you need to come in even earlier than the arrival time to do a full feed. After 5 months of age, we suggest morning sessions as older babies tend to get too tired in the afternoon.
What is included in a single session?
We allow up to 45 minutes for a single session, which includes hydrotherapy and massage. Based on their sensory threshold your baby can do 10-15 minutes in the water for their first session. With regular attendance, we can see that gradually increase up to 30 minutes. Your babies massage duration is dependent on many factors. We will read your babies cues and adapt the duration accordingly. If your baby becomes unsettled, you are welcome to cuddle and give them a feed in between the hydrotherapy and massage.
What do I need to bring?
We supply swim nappies, towels and nappy covers. Please bring your nappy bag, dummy, a familiar toy and formula if bottle feeding. Please note if you are breastfeeding and baby is unable to take a bottle, it is integral that the mother also attends the session as babies do get very thirsty after the hydrotherapy.
Can I change or cancel my appointment?
We have a strict 12 hour cancellation policy. Whilst we understand that babies may become unwell, or life can get in the way we are unable to reschedule appointments within the 12 hour time frame. If you cannot attend your appointment and have not advised us according to our cancellation policy or do not show, your appointment will be forfeited. This applies to single and package sessions. You may change your appointment via the confirmation email you receive or simply by phoning us.
How old does my baby need to be?

We do sessions from 2 days old up until 6 months old. Your baby can attend up to 8-9 months old if they have been regularly attending before 6 months of age. We classify regular attendance as weekly or fortnightly.

Babies aged 2 days old – 6 weeks old go into our individual neo pods. Starting this early gives the highest benefits for your baby.

Why cant my baby attend for their first session after 6 months old?
At 6 months of age, we see babies development change dramatically. They are learning a lot every day and often struggle to do things away from mum or dad. We find that babies who attend their first session after this age struggle to settle in the water. Please call us if your baby is this age and you are wanting to attend, as we do make exceptions for babies who are premature or have different disabilities such as low muscle tone, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.
Can I bring my other children?
We do not allow children under the age of 8 to attend our facilities. This is to ensure that the environment is kept calm, quiet and hygienic.
What happens if I am running late for my session?
We require you to come in 15 minutes before your session. If you are running late, your session will be shortened
How many babies can go in the pool at the one time?
Up to 3 babies, or 4 in a group booking.
How frequently should my baby attend?
Most of our clients attend once a week or once a fortnight to see the continued benefits of hydrotherapy.
How many sessions does my baby require?
Our clients do anywhere from 1 – 40 sessions before they reach the maxium age limit. It is up to you what you can fit into your life and routine.
Can my baby come in the same day as immunisations?
We recommend that you wait a couple of days after your baby has had their immunisations so they are nice and settled for their session.

Experience the benefits today.

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