The soothing pressure of our purified water creates an environment that relaxes and promotes gentle exercise.
With this we find many benefits:

  • Relief from colic, wind and reflux
  • Strengthened muscles and improved cognitive abilities
  • Positive water association
  • Improved social development
  • Aiding with Hip dysplasia

As hydrotherapy is a form of exercise, we find most babies sleep two to five hours after a session. This helps set them up for a good sleep routine.

We allow up to 45minutes for your session. Your baby will be in the water for around 10 to 15 minutes at their first visit, depending on their reaction. With regular attendance, the flotation will increase to 30 minutes.

Hydrotherapy is then followed by infant massage, the duration of which your depends on your baby's initial tolerance. Each session, we work gently with your baby by listening to their cues to ensure their sensory threshold is gradually increased.

After a long sleep and a feed is ideal.
For very young babies, this could either be morning or afternoon. Babies over four months generally benefit more when attending in the morning.

Experience the benefits today.

Book in for a Hydrotherapy and Massage session to experience the benefits of our ground breaking technique that promotes healthy development of babies.