Hydrotherapy at Baby Spa Australia is performed using our DROPLETTM flotation device which comfortably supports baby in the water. This allows them to move independently for the very first time. A first session is usually between 10 to 15 minutes, but may increase to 30 minutes with regular attendance.

Depending on your baby’s age, they will either have their session in our Neo Pod or Neo Pool. Our Neo Pod has been specially designed for babies aged two days up until eight weeks (at which point they will have received their first immunisations) with water heated to precisely 36oC. Once they reach eight weeks, they can enjoy the benefits of our 34.5oC Neo Pool; the ideal temperature for baby’s comfortable movement in the water.

The soothing pressure of our purified water creates an environment that relaxes and promotes gentle exercise.


After their hydrotherapy session, your baby will enjoy a gentle massage with our organic cold pressed grapeseed oil. Our therapists are trained to gently massage your baby and as they develop their sensory threshold will increase.

Sleep Consultations

Our dedicated, Certified Sleep Consultants, can help guide you and your little one to get more sleep! We will be able to help set the scene to allow your child to learn to self-settle when they are developmentally ready.

Striving to empower families to achieve better sleep by providing personalised support, which focus on sleep hygiene and healthy sleep habits, we understand the importance of sleep for the whole family and ensure that you are supported with understanding and compassion, listening to you and your baby’s needs.

So let’s get started on simplifying sleep for your family!

Baby Sleeping and Yawning
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