Sleep Consultations

Baby Spa Australia now offers Sleep Consultations for babies and children from birth to 5 years.

Our dedicated, Certified Sleep Consultants, can help guide you and your little one to get more sleep! We will be able to help set the scene to allow your child to learn to self-settle when they are developmentally ready.

Striving to empower families to achieve better sleep by providing personalised support, which focus on sleep hygiene and healthy sleep habits, we understand the importance of sleep for the whole family and ensure that you are supported with understanding and compassion, listening to you and your baby’s needs.

So let’s get started on simplifying sleep for your family!

Adorable baby girl sleeping peacefully, lying on side on white bedding, resting during daytime sleep

Our Packages

Sleep Consultation

30min in person consult at your closest location. Includes the following:


Sleep Consult - Digital

30min video or phone call.
Includes the following:


Sleep Consult - Phone

15min phone call

This 15min phone consult is perfect for those parents who need a bit of guidance. One of our certified sleep consults will give you a call to help make improvements to your current sleep routine.


Book Your Sleep Consultation

Experience the benefits today.

Book in for a Sleep Consult to unlock restful nights with our personalised sleep plans.

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